Cusco: Trying to Be Nicer in this City I do not Like

Cusco: Trying to Be Nicer in this City I do not Like
The raddest shoes I have seen in some time.

Cusco: Trying to Be Nicer in this City I do not Like.
May 31.

My friend tells me that we have been in seven different hostels in the past seven days and she is wearing out.  I thought this was par for the course.  I move fast!  But, we will spend a second night in our Cusco hostel tonight. It was an awesome morning of having no plans and no need to be anywhere, so she and I spend all morning in bed.  That was nice.  I have been getting the royal treatment, complete with massages.  A slap and tickle morning.  Nice and easy living.

The girls of Peru are prettier than their peers of Bolivia.  I do not like the way they push so much in Peru, but attractiveness is improving.  That is always a bonus in life.

New shoes were on my shopping list today in Cusco as my Vans are finished.  It has been a hard couple of months for them.  I learned today that if you want to go shopping for yourself, never go shopping with a woman.  Even when she says that she is there to help you find what you are looking for, she is not really shopping for you.  She is actually shopping for herself and you are the excuse.  You will spend a lot of time waiting for her to try on things while she helps you shop.  Some things a man just has to do for himself, even if he hates doing them.  But, I did buy a very rad pair of shoes.  They look like snakes on my feet!  They were just over $10 U.S., so they should last a month, maximum.

I was so tired I fell asleep at 11pm.  I wanted to steal a licence plate for Beaner’s collection at home, and I had an accomplice who wanted to be involved, but I could not pull myself together to get out of the room.  Maybe 7 nights in seven places is too much!  Or maybe it is that I just climbed another mountain yesterday and my body is exhausted…  In any case, the rest was necessary.  Body, you earned that.

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