The Lead-Up to the Birth of Errol Andersen

Happy birthday Errol! I have had this story for a couple of years and I have wanted to send this to you. Today is a good day for it! I remembered hearing dad tell the story years ago and figured it would be a pretty cool birthday present. 

The Lead-Up to the Birth of Errol Andersen
-Transcript by my father, Milson Harris
We put on this…I don’t know if it was the barn dance at our place or not…but we had a little a little party, and Peter and Rhonda went home. And then Peter phoned me. I’d just got into bed. He phoned me and said, “Well I think Rhonda’s maybe gonna have the baby.” So I go over there ‘cause he said, “I might have trouble getting outta here.” By that time he’d had two trucks in the ditch already. So we got in my truck. I had that old 1964 Chevy truck, and there was no accelerator pedal on there. It’s just a bolt that sticks out through…that rod where the pedal goes on there. And I didn’t put my shoes on ‘cause it was muddy. It was raining like crazy. Anyway, I’m pushing on this accelerator. We were stuck getting around the corner. So, Peter got out to push and then Rhonda got out to push. We got pushed around, got on the road and we got her up to Bengough. On the way Peter got sick and he was a gaggin’ away and she said, “Are you sick?” He said, “Yeah.” She said, “Well, you wanna stop?” He said, “Have we got time?” She said, “Yes…you’ve got time.” So, he got out and he got sick and then we continued on to Bengough. We was at the hospital for quite a while that night. After that, I don’t remember, we didn’t worry about it so much…


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