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Cuban Scooter Heist

The Cuban Scooter Heist

The Cuban Scooter Heist Jan 15 Bean and I are a lot.  That is becoming clear… Bean says that we are the guys in the books that everyone else is reading about here on their vacation.  That is probably a very accurate assessment. The day really began when we were trying to track down a car to rent at Starfish, our resort.  We walked into a tiny air conditioned shack in the resort parking lot where a man was leaning...

The Postcard

The Postcard Barrel

The Postcard Barrel 18 September An amazingly cool thing happened today.  Well, it all goes back a couple of months.  Today ties to a day in late June when I was on Isla Floreana in the Galapagos.  I wrote this from that time….   “The post office ‘barrel’ has existed since the 1800’s and it is where ships used to leave mail they wanted delivered.  If you stopped at the beach where Bahia Post Office was located on your way...